There has been a long standing relationship between hospitals and wristbands, and because the primary purpose of a wristband is to identify the wearer, the association makes a lot of sense. A hospital wristband contains the most important information about the patient pertinent to the care he or she will receive from the medical personnel attending the patient (doctor, surgeon, nurse, etc.). The purpose of a hospital wristband is not just to identify patients, nor is it just to wear around the wrist! As tags, labels, and markers, wristbands serve as reliable, cost-effective solutions for communicating vital information in medical settings.

Hospital patient ID wristbands contain a barcode that can be easily scanned using a barcode scanner. Health information provided by the band includes: the patient’s name, previous conditions, allergies, and the type and dosage of medicine that should be administered. Hospitals which use such wristbands have noted that they remove the possibility of medical errors and allow nurses and doctors to accurately monitor a patient’s condition. These wristbands are widely used for patient screening, to display positive and negative test results, to determine the severity of conditions, and more. . Contact us today to learn more about our hospital wristband options!

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