Our company is one of the leading manufacturers of Tyvek® wristbands manufacturers in Mumbai, Whether you need Tyvek®  paper wristbands for any events. Whether you need Tyvek®  paper wristbands for any events, we have what you need.  We offer Tyvek® wristbands that are cost-effective, durable, and secure. It provides maximum security in any environment due to its specially formulated security adhesive. It is comfortable and easy to wear because it is made of paper-like material.

Most events and festivals use Tyvek®   paper wristbands since they are lightweight, easy to wear, chlorine & water-resistant, easy to secure, and difficult to remove without breaking. We have a huge selection of stock colors and ready-printed Tyvek® wristband designs available at SIDDHITECH TRADER. We offer a wide variety of plain and custom wristbands to meet your needs, as well as a wristband customization service to ensure your wristbands are personalized to your specifications. The Tyvek® wristbands are made with a tamper-proof and non-transferable adhesive. Tyvek® bands are die-cut so that if they are removed, they cannot be used. Moreover, each band is sequentially numbered to prevent unauthorized party crashers.

Our wristband Security

Our  Tyvek® event wristbands feature secure self-adhesive tabs, and all of them have security cuts to prevent tampering, removal, or reuse. Our paper wristbands come in over 12 colors, including black, yellow, green, pink, gold, and blue . Tyvek® wrsitabnds are available in 3/4 inch size, while full color paper wristbands are available in 1 inch size. To buy our wristband, contact us today.

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